Typography Corner #3: For the Handwritten Vibe

I’m a sucker for awesome handwritten fonts. I think it gives a little extra personalization to a brand when they utilize handwritten fonts in their designs. A quick glance at the fonts on my computer will tell you that the majority of the fonts I download are handwritten scripts – I just love them. So here are a few of my favorites, free to download.

Let’s go!

Christopher Hand


Source: daFont

Wild Script


Source: Fonts 101

Jenna Sue


Source: Font Squirrel

One Starry Night


Source: 1001 Free Fonts



Source: daFont

2 Peas Scrapbook


Source: Font Space

Joyful Juliana


Source: daFont

Good Dog


Source: Font Squirrel

Mighty to Save


Source: Abstract Fonts

Today’s type faces make up part of the poem “To a Long-Loved Love” from The Ordering of Love by Madeleine L’Engle. Hope you enjoy today’s Typography (+Poetry) Corner! Enjoy!

Nikki Jeske is an illustrator and web designer who doodles her life away in Austin, Texas. She blogs at Snailbird, designs at Design Coyote, and spends far too much time madly drawing the many animals that make up The Family Menagerie. You can also find her on twitter.


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