Old Is the New New…Again

The futuristic-video-game look and the speech bubble design trends have worn out their welcome. Thankfully a new theme has emerged: The Return to Retro. Yes, yet again we’re going old school.

The truth be told, across all industries, companies, brands and organizations are embracing their roots and it’s a concept that’s working.

Going back to a clean, classic and simple look is a good move. Not only does such a rebrand tend to make messaging easier to convey, but it assists in boosting consumer confidence. How? A classic look instills a “back to basics” mentality which anyone spending dollars right now is conscious of. Instead of investing dollars in a new logo, some have chosen to simply adopt an old one.


East Coast grocery chain Wegman’s has returned to “Mom and Pop deli”.


MTV’s International logo will return to its original 1981 self.


The 76ers are going back too. Fond moments and memories were a large part in the decision to go retro. ‘This logo evokes memories of some of this franchise’s proudest moments. We also made this change because we understood how much this logo means to our fans, this franchise and to our city.’ said Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider.

mw_original_image-1Product packaging for Kraft’s Miracle Whip and Snapple are adjusting nicely to their new classic feel–less technicolor, more message. Others are also even saying that today’s hipsters embody a (life)style that is nothing more than that of a dabbling here and there from each decade former.

Of course, not all brands have jumped on the retro train. One of the most talked about rebrands of 2008, Pepsi, certainly did not. Might as well throw Xerox in there for good measure as well. They chose to follow a popular gaming platform instead.

I hope creatives keep rocking this trend. This retro period provides a great opportunity for brands to tell a new story in an old way. Plus, it’s nice on the eyes.

Lisa Kribs is a digital brand strategist + music enthusiast by day + DJ by night. Lisa’s been playing “Stairway to Heaven” since 5th grade. She is also Co-Editor of Fuel Your Branding. Connect with Lisa on Twitter.


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