Microsites. Better than Ever.

Microsites aka. minisites or weblets aren’t a new concept. As soon as there were websites, there were creatives thinking outside the template. There’s even a microsite dedicated to microsites. Brand managers love microsites because they allow a sharp focus on one product or class of products. Creatives love microsites because you can do a lot off cool things with a microsite.

3rd Generation Prius

by EVB + Laika

Coke Zero

by North Kingdom

Puma Lift

by Firstborn and Droga 5


by Firstborn

Wonderbra Ultimate Straplesspicture-13

Microsite by Iris Manchester

Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow picture-14

Microsite by Grow Interactive and Speedshape

And my personal favorite…..

Hardees Name Our Holes  picture-9

Microsite by Mendelsohn Zien

Beth LaPierre is a Brand + Creative Strategist. When Beth is not helping build brands she’s on her snowboard, spray painting something, or drinking copious amounts of espresso. Follow Beth on Twitter.


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