Dog Days

Agencies and studios are known for having a relaxed atmosphere. Just ask Willie, Scamp, and Chief– three dogs who live for creative.



Company: The O Group
Location: New York, New York
Focus: Brand Strategy + Design

Willie’s been coming to the office ever since she was 8 months old. Our ever present mascot, moocher and lap dog, she makes us smile. Clients love her, the staff dotes on her and when the stress level gets too high… a hug and lick brings us all back down to what matters most… a wet nose, a wagging tail and a lot of loving, which goes a long way:)

Scamp Charles Curry the 3rd “Scampers” to his friends


Company: OrangeSprocket
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Focus: Interactive Design

Scamp was adopted from the local SPCA where we found him doing time for various cat burglaries. We knew this 7 year old pup was a true Sprocket from day one. Scamp is part human, part Collie and part Shepherd. Amazing we know. We hired Scamp at OrangeSprocket for his Flash and people skills at first but realized he brings much much more to our studio environment. Scamp is the real deal and everything a studio dog should be. He’s obedient, friendly, playful, full of great ideas, always ready for a good tummy rub and best of all he works for dog biscuits. Scamp helps bring a smile to your face when you’re stressed and he’s always ready to test your skills in a battle of steal the sloppy tennis ball.



Company: Voltage Creative
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Focus: Integrated Marketing

Chiefers, Chiefer Sutherland, or even his given name, Chief. He doesn’t mind what you call him. He’ll give you a hug either way. Yes, that’s what I said. He gives hugs. Chief is the resident office dog at Voltage Creative. Even though he only comes in once every week or so, he still gets the job done. Chief spends most of the day lounging around, playing quick games of fetch or taking a second out of his important duties to say hello to one of the hard working employees. All in all, Chief brings a good attitude every day he’s at Voltage that rubs off on everyone else in the office.

Beth LaPierre is a Brand + Creative Strategist. When Beth is not helping build brands she’s on her snowboard, spray painting something, or drinking copious amounts of espresso. Follow Beth on Twitter.


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