Best Global Brands 2009

Well…the results are in. Interbrand has announced 2009’s ‘Best Global Brands‘.

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Interbrand indicates that the big theme this year is ‘trust’, I beg to differ. Branding has always been about building trust. Look at any ad from the 50s– ‘Trust Ovaltine to keep your family happy!” or “Chevy, buy from someone you trust” or “Acme, the name you can trust”.  Today, we’re taking it one step further. If you want me to trust your brand, you’ve got to be transparent. The difference between then and now is transparency. Chevy can promise a reliable car to earn trust, but you can better believe if it’s a lemon, people are going to hear about it. Back then, board meetings took place behind locked doors. Innovations were top secret. Today, you better practice what you preach and you better be honest.

The game has changed thanks to the Internet–the power is now back in the hands of the people. Big CMOs and agencies are complaining about shrinking budgets. Ironically, they aren’t needed anymore. You no longer have to spend a few hundred million to get your brand in front of the public. We, as brand strategists and creatives, have to be both increasingly creative and transparent. Big brands beware, this marks the beginning of change in how we evaluate brand value and how consumers choose brands.

Now, back to the results.

Coca-Cola remains as the number one global brand with a value of $68,734 (m). The big news this year is that brand darling Apple has broken the top 20 with a brand value increase of 12% to $15,433 (m) and its rival, Microsoft, saw 2009 as the first year of decline in value. Banks and autos are down (big surprise) and innovation and sustainability are up.

Interbrand’s methodology is pretty straightforward. The candidates are evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Publicly available financial data

2. 1/3 of the brand’s revenues must come from outside its country of origin

3. The brand must play a significant role in the customers’ purchase decision

4. The Economic Value Added must be positive

5. The brand must have broad public awareness

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Interbrand’s Top 100

Interbrand | Best Global Brands List | 2009_1255969643991


Beth LaPierre is a Brand + Creative Strategist. When Beth is not helping build brands she’s on her snowboard, spray painting something, or drinking copious amounts of espresso. Follow Beth on Twitter.


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